427SC Shelby Cobra

Oct 14 2014

What a beauty! A 427SC Shelby Cobra Roadster complete with white lettering, the white lettering provided by one Ranger Tire Paint! Look how awesome it turned out. Check out these photos, there are more to check out and videos! Go to the 427SC Shelby Cobra Roadster site!

White Lettering

 Just thought i would drop you a line to say how pleased i am with your tyre paint. I have tried many different products in the past but none are as impressive as the Ranger paint.

You shipped it to London, England for me a little while ago and since then i have been applying the white base coat and then three coats of Yellin Yellow to my new Goodyear Eagles. I found it very easy to apply and the finish is as if it was done in the Goodyear factory!
I have attached a couple of pictures of my 1993 Trans Am which certainly raises a few eyebrows when thundering through the streets of London.
1993 Trans Am 
This video from a customer is over seven months old:

Here is the same customer’s bike two months ago:

Yelling Yellow!

Oct 08 2012

We received our first testimonial today. Jeff, wrote us to say: “I loved the product!” We here at Ranger Tire Paint are happy to be getting testimonials on our products. What really is exciting is we made the Yelling Yellow the same color as that in the stock car races.


Biker Testimonial!

Jul 11 2012

One of our customers sent in these before and after photos. Thanks!


The Lawn Mower

Apr 10 2012

I got myself a can of Ranger Tire Paint to use on a fairly unique application. My lawn mower. The body was starting to rust and the paint was flaking. So I decided to get to fixing it. The original paint was a difficult to match green that I would need to buy by the pint at least and have professionally applied. It's a lawn mower, it wasn't worth that. So I decided to paint it black and...didn't stop there. I figured, what the hell? You only live once! 

Then I painted flames on the tractor.

But the look wasn't complete! The original wheels were white. BOOO! BORING! So I painted them red. Then I tried a sidewall market to fill in the raised white letters. Yeah, no, didn't work out so hot. So I started looking for tractor tires with white walls. Unbelievably, there is no such thing! I was astonished and disheartened. Lamenting the fact that these did not exist to a friend, he mentioned that I should just paint them. I didn't want to use just any paint so to the Internet I went! A quick Google search turned up Ranger Tire Paint. At roughly $25 shipped to my door I figured hell, it's worth a shot. So I got the paint and went to work! It went on easy as pie and very little prep was needed. It's durable and easy to clean. The only issue I had was some got rubbed off one of the tractor tires because it was flat and I had to drive on it to get it out of where it was in the shed to inflate it. But the results I couldn't be happier with! I'll recommend Ranger Tire Paint to anyone!

Trucking Along

Jan 28 2011


Kevin wrote in and sent us his photos of the results:
“I have a fully restored 1959 ford truck with new tires, the truck lacked the visual punch that only white wall tire can give. I was very skeptical about painting my tires but did not want to spend another $700 to replace them.
I ordered two cans of your Ranger Tire Paint product. After thoroughly cleaning the tires and giving them a good sanding I applied your paint using a small dense sponge roller. I tried taking one wheel off and used a brush but then found no need to remove and lay flat the tire if you are using thin coats. The roller worked very well painting the tires right on the truck giving a nice finish which looks just like a side wall should. I was able to give each tire 4 thin coats 8-12 hours apart then let them dry for the good part of a week.
The end results were fantastic !!!!, great big smooth white wall tires that you can’t tell were painted on. A really great product which is fast (1/2 hour job) and easy to use with outstanding results. I collect old cars and would use this product on the best of the best. I highly recommend Ranger Tire Paint to anyone wishing to have the look only white wall tires can give at an affordable price. Great Product!!” 

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