Ranger Tire Paint - review & pics

Posted on June 19, 2021 by Daniel Miller

NiceGuyEddie at the TacomaWorld Forums writes:

"for OLD FARTS like me that want an old-school look, or for those that like white letter tires…

DO NOT buy the Dupli-color paint pens at Pep Boys. They are often dried out stuff that’s been sitting on the shelf for eons. The Ranger Tire Paint is a brush-on, oil based, hard, yet rubbery paint and it should last a long time. i know this because i accidentally spilled half the can on my dropcloth. after it dried, it's gummy and flexible, yet harder than say latex paint.

it took about 2 hours a tire to CAREFULLY do the outline and then three coats on the inside. i have outline white letter tires, which required some trimming of the extra rubber. raised white letter tires, where the entire letter is raised would have been much easier.

They say it’s best to be done on new tires that have never had any silicone based tire cleaner or tire dressing applied. Half a can easily did all four tires, and I have leftover.

Available in many colors if you want to get aggressive. Once again, not as popular with the younger folks, but if you want to START A TREND try the different colors."

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