Ranger Tire Paint is great to customize your tires whitewalls, lettering or add designs or logos. 

Quality paint, proudly made in the USA, with advanced bonding agents that:
  • Provides excellent adhesion with resistance to peeling, blistering, and mildew
  • Quick drying times 
  • Washable, non-yellowing, and stain resistant
Choose from 6 standard colors and if you cannot find it, tell us a color and we can mix a custom color for you!
One order of Ranger Tire Paint includes enough paint to provide three coats of paint for four tires.
Ranger Tire Paint is shipped worldwide and has thousands of happy customers.

Ranger Tire Paints


Low Trucking

October 15, 2020


This stuff looks great and stays very well! Despite my truck being low, I do drive down muddy and dirty roads and the white is hard to keep clean on my daily driver, but it stays very well.

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Yelling Yellow!

September 19, 2020

Jeff, wrote us to say: “I loved the product!”

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Semi-Truck with Lettering

July 14, 2020

Semi-truck with white lettering, happy customer.

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427SC Shelby Cobra

June 01, 2020

White Lettering

What a beauty! A 427SC Shelby Cobra Roadster complete with white lettering, the white lettering provided by one Ranger Tire Paint!

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